Corporate Culture


【Corporate purposes】

Compliance with laws and regulations, ensuring safety, cherishing the environment, sincere service, striving for excellence

Doing the hard work and winning the future

Enterprise Learning Culture

Help employees to make five changes: conceptually, a paper diploma will change from lifelong to lifelong learning concept; attitude will change from "I want to learn" to "I want to learn"; content will be improved from single job skills training to learning ability Transformation; organizational change from individual self-study to organized team learning; the way from the lack of what, what to do passive learning to the advance cross-study knowledge, learning skills, to achieve "learning work, work learning" good Foundation.

【Create Standard】

The learning objectives are clear, the learning atmosphere is good, the learning effect is remarkable, the learning environment is optimized, and efforts are made to create first-class teams with hard technical skills, high quality and strong combat effectiveness.

Responsible Culture

    "Longyuan" actively fulfills its social responsibilities, consciously assumes the responsibility of corporate citizenship, puts into action, and gives back to the society. The main performances are: people-oriented, actively create first-class welfare for employees; operate with integrity, actively create satisfactory value for users; pay taxes according to law, and actively create good benefits for the society; pay attention to environmental protection and safety, focus on creating green security and open; return society, actively dedication .





ADD:Longwan District, Wenzhou, China