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Global milk or in short supply in the next decade


The demand for dairy products is affected by population growth, economic prosperity and urbanization, including the impact of emerging markets in Africa, Asia and Latin America, which is expected to increase by 36% from this year to 2024. These consumer products are expected to reach more than 700 million tons of liquid milk by 2024.

TetraPak Chairman Dennis Jonsson said: "This growth will allow countries with milk production to include emerging markets, they are looking for new markets. Countries with projected population growth, such as Nigeria, will increase dairy consumption. This is not just a lifestyle consumer demand, but Can be used as a nutritional need."

Jonsson said: "This is not the first time that global demand has exceeded supply. But for the first time in a few years we have seen such sustained growth data. Global demand from developing countries is booming, which exports milk powder to dairy producers. And liquid dairy products offer a huge opportunity for further economic growth." However, he cautioned: “In order to ensure long-term success, these producers need to respond quickly, maintain an appropriate balance of supply and demand, and continue to increase the domestic market.”

Dairy processing machinery must speed up the process of high technology

Under the premise of such development, dairy processing machinery products can only cope with such market trends by increasing the investment in high-tech technology.

Develop new products with new technologies and new equipment. China should learn from foreign advanced technology to develop new products, such as membrane separation technology and ultra-high pressure sterilization technology, which is conducive to maintaining the flavor, quality and nutritional value of dairy products. At present, the application of foreign membrane technology in the dairy industry mainly includes: dairy sterilization and concentration, dairy product standardization, milk protein concentration, whey recovery and processing and utilization. For example, freeze-drying technology can effectively prevent oxidative deterioration of heat-sensitive substances, prevent surface hardening of products, enhance rehydration, and maximize the original quality of food. Immunological milk and its products should adopt such processing technology.


China's dairy machinery should also adapt to the adjustment of dairy production structure to adjust and update, increase equipment varieties, develop multi-effect evaporators, reduce energy consumption, develop high-temperature short-time sterilization and ultra-high temperature instantaneous sterilization equipment, improve the level of separation machinery technology, and improve disinfection The level of equipment for milk, low-fat milk, flavored milk, yogurt, butter, and cheese.

In recent years, due to the improvement of people's living standards and the enhancement of health awareness, people's understanding of dairy consumption is changing. Dairy products have been transformed from special nutritional products into popular nutritious foods. At present, the consumption structure of dairy products is relatively simple. The main consumption varieties are liquid milk, milk powder and yogurt, and the consumption of cheese, butter and condensed milk is very small. China's retail cheese consumption has seen strong growth in recent years, indicating that the future development potential is huge, and it is also a good news for the development of dairy machinery.





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